Friday, July 20, 2007

Post-Potter Depression

Graduating from college didn't really leave the expected impression on me. It was sort of an anti-climax. I felt the same as I did during college. Except everyone started asking me what I was going to do next. Since I am doing exactly the same thing this question doesn't really bother me (right). However, finishing the final Harry Potter book around 7am today has left me with a sort of empty grown up feeling. Unlike college, which was sort of disjointed and alienating for me, Harry Potter has been a consistent part of my life since I was sixteen. Sure there are lots of comparisons about loss of youth I could make, but part of me feels like the up-all-night joy and excitement I got from reading Harry Potter books is gone forever. While I will probably read anther book that makes me want to stay up all night rather than put it down, I will probably never go to semi-illegal ends to obtain a book before its release date again. And I will grow old my hair will fall out and I'll start eating pureed foods and squinting to see the typeface in a book late at night. Sigh. Today it seems like I can see lines and discolorations on my face. It's probably only from staying up late, but it can't be long until I really do start to get old.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Still Life With Packing

Yesterday my lease started on my new apartment. I still have a couple weeks before I have to be out of my old place but I don't even know where to begin the moving process. As you can see my current organizational system is a bit haphazard (not pictured: desk surface covered in tea cups and ATM receipts, milk crates full of books). What if I pack clothes and then want to wear them? That ALWAYS happens to me! And because I haven't really figured out what I am going to do for a bed (this IKEA frame is not transportable) or a dresser (currently I am without, clearly) I am sort of spending time staring at empty suitcases rather than packing them. Sigh.
Additionally, I would like to issue a general call to all New Yorkers with unwanted furniture. We need chairs, bookcases, tables, little shelves for the bathroom, a broom... And we aren't really in the financial situation to be picky so lay any crap you have on us. After scouring the internet all day it seems like I might be re-entering the vicious IKEA buying cycle for bed and drawers. I am sure many of you are familiar with the way all of their reasonably priced furniture falls apart if you try to move it. And of course IKEA furniture is the only kind you can afford while moving so you buy more. They have us all by the throat. I'll get you next time, you Swedish mongrels!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Season Update: Summer 2007

Still at the beginning of the summer, I feel a need to reflect upon and update anyone who might still read this about recent and coming changes in my life. Because chronology is overused, this update will be alphabetical.

Angel Cards My friends Ella (who used to live down the hall from me) and Kendra (who used to live in the room next to mine in the same apartment) both have little boxes with small slips of cardboard called Angel Cards in them. The idea is that you take cards from the box and the words printed on them tell you something about your life and what you should be thinking about and working towards. Last night Kendra and I drew three angel cards each and it seems that the angels are feeling particularly serious. Whereas many or maybe even most of the cards have positive words on them (joy, abundance) I drew the words "purification," "courage" and "surrender." I guess if it was surrender to joy, I wouldn't mind so much. But it seems like I must have the courage to surrender to purification. Or I must surrender to a purification of courage? But basically, the angel cards seem to be saying something I already know, that I am in a sort of difficult place right now (needing courage to make decisions) and that I should word towards a more healthy fulfilling lifestyle (purification) and that stress and anxiety is not the way to handle it (surrender).

Beach I was off all week last week so in addition to going to see my parent and not writing a lot of blog entries, Josh and I went to North Carolina where his parents have a house on the beach. It was just wonderful. I have come to realize that I am one of those people who likes having plans so much that I can often make plans and stress out about them rather than enjoy myself. But I was completely relaxed the whole time we were there. We went body surfing, mini-golfing and played trivial pursuit. We even rode on jet skis! And we saw wild horses! It was fantastic. The beach... is wonderful. You should all go.

Birthday In just over a week, I will turn twenty-four. It's exciting because twenty-four is such a nice even number. And it doesn't feel very old yet. But twenty-three has been a particularly nice age to be. And it will be a bit sad to leave it behind. BUT... there will be celebrating. So if you're reading this from New York, I intend to have some sort of low key, bar-type thing next Friday (the 20th). If you're in Boston, my parents are throwing a party for me (because of graduating really, but there's going to be cake so it probably counts for birthdays too) on July 28th. You're most welcome to either or both events. And if you don't live in Boston or New York and you want to come (!) let me know and you can stay with me if you want.

Exercise In addition to my somewhat abortive attempts at bike riding, I have begun to do yoga again. Although I often feel like my abs are too sore to laugh deeply it's good to not be such a lump. (This photo is called "Lump of Meat on a Stool")

Moving I mentioned in my last post that I am moving to Park Slope. In fact, I get keys on Sunday! It's really exciting to think about having all my things and myself in the same place for an entire year (I signed a year lease so it's basically guaranteed). Richard, my good friend from high school and beyond, is going to be my roomate. And I am probably going to paint some part of some wall yellow. So exciting! If you're looking for a room in New York or trying to get rid of some furniture or wondering if you could sew some curtains for me (the answer is yes and I won't even charge you!), let me know.

Work I am still only working at Aroma (serving food and wine) as of right now. I have been looking and applying for jobs somewhat casually, but I have come to realize in the last week or so, that I don't really want to do a job I find boring. And I don't really have to. I have pretty much resolved to stay with Aroma basically full time through the end of the summer. During the days I am trying to get back in the practice of writing (which means more updates!) and editing some stuff I have written before to get a portfolio together. The idea of pursing a career as a writer is a little frighteningly uncertain, but I feel like I have an opportunity to do this now that I might not have again. And I'm actually excited about it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Biking Accross the Atlantic

This is my new bike. This picture was taken only moments after my parents gave it to me (those curious about what I wore to graduation can now rest easy). It's very nice. And actually very fancy. So far I have only fallen off of it twice. And I feel confident blaming others- specifically reckless motorists- in both circumstances. The only problem with my bike is that it may be too nice. I am afraid to take it anywhere because it seems like a prime target for theft. And also there are hills here.
Not to seem totally lazy but this whole elevation, multi-gear biking thing is a lot of work. The bike I received for my tenth birthday was a ten-speed (or maybe more, who knows?), but honestly I never used it that much. And I certainly didn't use it to go long distances. After my beloved rental bike from Amsterdam, the adjustment to shifting gear has been difficult. Coupled with the fact that cars are oblivious, and sometimes antagonistic, toward cyclists I have to say that biking here just isn't the same.
But in just a few days I will begin moving to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn. For the non-New Yorkers among you, Park Slope is known as being a sort of mecca for young families. I am hoping this will mean lots of courteous and careful drivers. Unfortunately it certainly means a big hill throughout the neighborhood (hence "slope") but in the long run this will only make me stronger.