Friday, April 13, 2007

(Sort of) Done!

After six months (or three years) of worrying about it, I completed my colloquium on Wednesday evening. And I passed! So I do have to write some papers to complete my credits, but it looks as though I am actually going to receive a Bachelor's degree in a month. Wow. And then I'll have no excuse about not updating this blog more often.
My colloquium, which for those of you I haven't explained it to is a one and a half hour conversation with three faculty members, was on the possibilities of radical gender performance in cyber-mediated relationships. And I think it really went well. I could have been more sharp with Aristotle, but who couldn't use some sharpening on Aristotle really?
But Ryan orchestrated a wonderful and impromptu celebration (thanks!)that involved close to a hundred balloons and karaoke (of course). If you didn't make it (and really there were only five of us) we'll have to celebrate the next time I see you. You'll notice that Josh had a good time.
So I guess I am now officially looking for an actual job (preferably one that doesn't require being polite to drunk, lecherous customers). So if you know of one that you think I'd be good at let me know. Because I honestly have no idea. In fact I am not really sure what marketable skills I have. Besides literacy. And opening stubborn bottles of wine. So let me know, internet. What's my next move?