Friday, February 16, 2007

Quick Update

Greetings from Brooklyn, New York City and My New Apartment! How are all of you? Well, I am cold. The heat here is not so good. Neither is the level of filfth. That is, it's too high. Unfortunately spatial limitations dictate that the backdrop for my copious self-portrait photos will be sadly vacant of all Irish Literary Greats. Mea Culpa. But here I am, never the less. And yes, that is a sweater vest. It's an experiment.

So I am back at my old job, waiting tables and pouring wine. It's basically the same. My new apartment is cheap, but otherwise a little unsatisfying. Classes are good. And, basically, I am just incredibly busy. But I hope to settle down and start writing more regularly soon. I'll start taking extra note of hilarity with which to regale you all. But until then, know I am thinking of you.