Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time In New York

So it's been almost a month and I can't apologize enough for being such a jerk about updating. I forgot how busy life can be in New York. I have been trying to put my finger on why exactly one city should feel inherently more busy than any other, and I honestly am not quite sure. If I were to list possibilities for why they would be:

1) There are so many things to do, it seems like no matter what you're doing you ought to be doing something else. Like if you are having lunch with a friend at two, then you want to finish by four so you can get the reduced price bagels from the guy on University Place (though that's only true on Mondays, and since the bagels are now 35 cents instead of 25, I rarely make the effort).

2) The city is so huge that a large portion of the day is spent getting from one very important thing to another. Last year when I lived in the East Village (which for those of you in Amsterdam is in downtown Manhattan), I walked everywhere and pretty much limited my social interactions to the twenty block area which vaguely represents that neighborhood. Now that I am in Brooklyn (all the way across the river!) I take the subway places, and once I am on the subway I am much more willing to travel farther. Also, spending seventy dollars on a monthly pass is incentive to use the subway as much as possible.

3)Bars are open till four. Which means, I often stay out till four (maybe frequently more than often). Which means I rarely get up in the mornings before it is absolutely necessary. Pathetic.

4)My life here has lots of responsibilities. In addition to school work and class, I am also working again (and much less broke because of it!). On top of that, I have begun to nurture two tiny and wonderful plants. Although they aren't looking that great right now:

5)New York is so large and weighs so heavily on the fabric of the fabric of the universe that time actually passes here in warped and unwieldy ways. Honestly.