Thursday, May 31, 2007

Permanent Standby

Ah, graduation. It's over and gone now and I am beginning to settle into my remarkably boring post-grad life. A life dominated by staying in bed reading science fiction novels until two in the afternoon and working at an increasingly slow restaurant in the evenings. Not even really taking the time to go to my computer to look for jobs or apartments or even update my blog (apparently). So basically my life is just the same but without the excuse of school for not getting things done.
I put perennial effort into buying a plane ticket to Amsterdam before everyone over there starts moving away. Sadly this seems less and less likely. In my most recent search, flights to Australia were cheaper than flights to Europe. I guess that there is less demand for them since it's winter over there, but pure fuel economy would seem to require flights that long to cost a LITTLE more, right? Anyhow I keep looking, hoping that something crazy will happen to make flights really cheap. Like an entire crew team scheduled to fly to Schipol for an international competition will have to cancel due to a mass outbreak of food born illness (the kind that doesn't do lasting damage) and suddenly there will be like twenty tickets they need to sell off fast and cheap. In fact, it seems like there should be some sort of list you could put yourself on. Like "permanent standby" or something. So they can give you like one days notice and you will take a seat canceled at the last minute for half the cost. Perhaps tomorrow I'll see if I can get on that list. Yes. First thing.