Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not even a trick, let alone a treat.

For those of you who live elsewhere, it has been an unusually warm fall here in New York City. Until last week I barely had to wear a sweater, and I am always cold. But last Wednesday or Thursday the weather shifted dramatically and it was cold and wet for days. And lo and behold, I woke up Friday morning with a head cold. For some reason it seems I don't just get little colds. I get them in heaping doses. The kind that put my energy just at the level of being able to make tea and subsequently urinate. Though apparently I can also type a bit (though I just realized that I am going to have to take the Lysol to the keyboard after I use it today). I guess no one really wants to hear me whine about how sick I feel so I spare the details (no, I won't be sharing the color and consistency of my mucus in this entry). But this illness has prevented me from acting in full Halloween spirit this weekend. So right now I am planning to be better by Wednesday so I can do something ridiculous at work. Like tell people the cavatelli is maggots or the spaghetti squash is human liver put through a meat grinder. And maybe also wear a costume.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Really. Every day. Like flossing.

Hear yee! Hear Yee! I just filled out the registration for National Blog Posting Month. It's basically an agreement with a nebulous internet entity to write a blog post everyday during the month of November. And even though I am pretty busy right now, writing is important to me. And even if it's just a group of 2000 anonymous bloggers, I figure a little pressure is just what I need. So hopefully I will write at least one more entry before next Thursday when it becomes compulsory (or strongly recommended). And I am going to think of fun column ideas (like Friday Pie-day?). So hold on to your hats. You'll be giving thanks everyday this month for new blog posts on Eating Pie Elsewhere.