Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So it's been five months. And although I have some reservations about it, I have decided to come back to the US at the end of April. Right now my plan is to spend the next four weeks doing as much traveling as possible. I am hoping to see some of Argentina and Bolivia. I guess I got pretty discouraged with the job search. I realized that I really wasn't excited to be doing any of the jobs for which I might be qualified. I also began to see my return (originally scheduled for June) on the horizon. I knew that once I returned I would have to search for work once again. The three months for which I was seeking employment began to seem like a stop-gap. I am getting really excited for my trip. I am going to do very little planning and hope that my staying open lots of exciting possibilities will present themselves. And subsequently, of course, I will present them to you here.